Baxova Labs (P) Ltd. markets a broad portfolio of high-quality, cost-efficient pharmaceutical products. We are enriched with skillful employees who have rich experience in the healthcare sector. Our executive team works throughout day and night to ensure that our Mission, Vision and Goals are achieved without any compromise from time to time. Our skillful and competitive team ensures all the prime decisions are taken in the best interest of the company. Our team facilitates the Company’s compliance and strives to have a rich organizational culture with the best standards of Corporate governance. Any important decision pertaining to company growth are discussed, analyzed through exchange of ideas reflecting the values and interest before making final conclusion.


All our medicinal products undergo rigorous preclinical and clinical tests in compliance with the requirements of applicable international and national regulations. We manufacture our products from renowned and well established manufacturing companies and therefore our medicinal products comply with strict consistency of International Quality Standards before they are delivered to the markets. The manufacturing companies practices high cGMP standard (current Good Manufacturing Practice). The companies are equipped with GMP certification under WHO Guidelines (WHO GMP) and ISO 9001:2008 certification with state of the art manufacturing units. Our manufacturing companies have also collaborated with R&D centers at national and international levels to develop new technologies and formulations and new techniques of manufacturing to enhance the efficiency, stability and safety of the medicinal products.

Baxova Labs (P) Ltd. is also supplying practicing doctors with reliable scientific information and teaching resources that are required for the improvement of the healthcare quality.